Core advantages

LL-RX100W Flexible Solar Panel


1)PV professional compound material,thin and light ,but with enough strength withstand to wind or rain or snow;

2)IP68 waterproof level,including conjunction box;

3)Double diode realize double protection of devices and solar panel itself;

4)Unique manufacture technology applied,especially on carbon fiber,avoiding subfissure and power attenuation risk even as bendable up to 360 degree;

5)Full power output,long time span as rigid solar panel;


Detailed introduction

The Thickness details of the 100W flexible solar panel:

Neither too thick,nor too thinn,balance the strength and convenience.

The Connection Ways of Flexible solar panel:
1)It can be connected in series and in parallel as you need to get the voltage;
2)If you want to charge for battery,you can connect the controller;
3)If you want to charge for AC devices,you need to connect the inverter.

Product Application

All kinds of application shown of 100W flexible solar panel:

It can be used on marine equipment,such as boat,yacht,RV or some support with curve.


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